Anne C. Steinemann

Dr. Anne Steinemann specializes in environmental decision-making, applying microeconomic principles to problems such as water resources and energy management, climate impacts, indoor air quality, and sustainability.

Anne Steinemann
She is currently a Program Manager and Visiting Researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, U.C. San Diego, and was Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. She was also a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a visiting professor at Stanford University, Florida Institute of Technology, and Linköping University in Sweden. Dr. Steinemann received her Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.

Dr. Steinemann has received university and national teaching awards. She advises numerous governments and industries on water and environmental issues, and directs research funded by NSF, NOAA, USGS, NASA, EPA, and other agencies. Her work takes an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving, integrating expertise in engineering, environmental science, economics, public health, law, and policy.

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