Joona Trilogy

Journey to Joona

Margaret Morrison knew life wasn’t fair. At least not for her. She had always been small for her age and was never good at math, but since moving in with Uncle John after her mother’s death, things had gotten even worse. She always seemed to be late for school, her grades were terrible, and now the other kids were picking on her.

Cover to Journey to Joona
Then one day, as Margaret is being chased across the old swinging bridge by two spiteful boys, an enormous, beautiful talking swan swims around a bend in the river — and changes her life forever. His name is Laurel, he tells her, and he lives in a magic swan paradise called Joona. Now he has come to Earth to get human help in fighting the powerful dark swan, Sebastian, who has blocked the only passageway between Joona and Earth. Many suffering Earth swans are eager to get to paradise in Joona — but they can’t do it without Margaret’s help!

Margaret and the two boys, Ryan and Craig, know they must help Laurel, but Sebastian’s evil powers are very real and very strong. ow can they overcome such terrible dark magic and help the suffering swans find their way to the freedom and happiness of Joona?

Defenders of Joona

In the months since her last visit to Joona, Margaret’s life has been easy. Not only does she desperately want to see laurel and visit Joona again, but perfect Heather Fitzgerald has been spreading mean rumors about her and her “swan stories” all over school.

Cover to Defenders of Joona
Just when Margaret thinks she can’t stand heather a minute longer, Laurel reappears. And his message is more serious and urgent than ever: the dark swan, Sebasian, has talked the snobbish Regalia swans into rebelling. They have already taken over the castle and turned dozens of joona’s peace-loving swans into mindless servans of Sebastian’s evil, selfish desires. Unless the Regalia are stopped — and soon — Sebastian will have all of Joona in his power!

Margaret, Ryan, and Craig are determined to help Laurel win Joona back for the gentle swans they love. But then Laurel invites Heather to come along, too. She’ll ruin everything! thinks Margaret. Laurel has his own motives, however, and the grim situation at hand soon requires Margaret’s complete attention. Heather or no Heather, she’ll do whatever it takes to defend Joona against Sebastian’s sinister plan!

The Crown of Joona

For Margaret, Ray, Craig, and Heather, the old swinging bridge is a place of magic and mystery. It marks the place where the life-giving water of Joona mixes with the ordinary river water of Earth. And it is the place where the children always meet Laurel, the beautiful talking swan. How could the town council plan to tear the bridge down?

Cover to The Crown of Joona
But the bridge is the least of their worries, Laurel tells them. Something much worse has happened, and this time it has hit even closer to home. Sebastian has found his way into their world.

With Sebastian at large, things may no longer be as they seem, for the dark swan’s greatest weapons are lies, illusion, and fear. In fact, Sebastian’s powerful magic has already been at work, with treacherous results — someone in their midst has become his spy! But who is it? What underhanded tricks is he or she planning? And why would anyone choose to serve someone as horrible as Sebastian?

Then an unexpected disaster occurs, and Margaret finds herself facing the greatest challenge of her life. If she survives it, Sebastian will suffer a great defeat. But if she doesn’t, no one else may be able to stop him!

The three Joona books are available on the Apple iBookstore and Google Books as ePub books.

ISBN: 978-1-935842-07-1 Journey to Joona (ePub) (United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom), Google Books (United States), (Barnes & Noble)
ISBN: 978-1-935842-08-8 Defenders of Joona (ePub) (United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom), Google Books (United States), (Barnes & Noble)
ISBN: 978-1-935842-09-5 The Crown of Joona (ePub) (United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom), Google Books (United States), (Barnes & Noble)

They are also available on Amazon as Kindle books.

ISBN: 978-1-935842-14-9 Journey to Joona (ePub) (United States) Amazon ASIN B004PYDSD8
ISBN: 978-1-935842-15-6 Defenders of Joona (ePub) (United States) Amazon ASIN B004Q3RRAS
ISBN: 978-1-935842-16-3 The Crown of Joona (ePub) (United States) Amazon ASIN B004PYDSEC