Microeconomics for Public Decisions

Microeconomics for Public Decisions is a core textbook that covers essential microeconomic principles and applies them to public decisions. It can and has been used without additional materials.

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The text provides a systematic treatment of fundamentals such as supply, demand, market processes, utility, and costs. It also provides extensive coverage of topics that concern the public sector, such efficiency and equity, welfare economics, monopolies, externalities, public goods, risk and uncertainty, and cost-benefit analysis.

While the text is targeted for master's level graduate students and upper-division undergraduate students, it is suitable for other levels, and does not require prior coursework in economics or calculus. Even students with a background in economics will find much of the material novel.

The text blends theory with applications, so students will develop a solid understanding of both microeconomics and its appropriate use. Students will also learn to evaluate the economic arguments of different choices, and the broader impacts of decisions on society.

About the Second Edition
The second edition is provided in print-on-demand pdf and electronic book ePub formats. Electronic books have no fixed page numbers. However, for the purposes of the index, the page numbers listed correspond to hypertext links that are located at the same locations of the original text. (You can click on an index page link and be taken to that portion of the text.) Footnotes are now endnotes, but are dual-linked hypertexted. (When you click on an endnote, you are taken to it. Clicking on the endnote returns you to the original text.) The 130 original black and white illustrations have been redrawn in color in the ePub version.

Microeconomics for Public Decisions is available on the Apple iBookstore (United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom) and Barnes and Noble as an ePub book, and will be available as well on Google

ISBN: 978-1-935842-17-0 Microeconomics for Public Decisions (ePub)

A pdf version of the book is available on Google.

ISBN: 978-1-935842-18-7 Microeconomics for Public Decisions (pdf)

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Instructional Aids

The following slides and spreadsheets are available:

The Excel spreadsheets used to create Appendix A, Compound Interest Tables for Discrete Cash Flows are available: