The Texan

The Civil War hardened him into a man. Now the fight to tame the raw, new Texas land puts Bart Hardison to a test very few men can pass. He must rescue the woman he loves from rampaging Comanches and greedy Comancheros. He must face down a bitter ranch foreman sworn to pay off an insult in gun smoke. And, in a single moment of vengeance, he must challenge his destiny, branding his name in blood forever . . .

Kristen Nordstrom—A passionate golden-haired beauty, she was the coveted prize of both Comanche and Comanchero—and the one woman the Texan would love.

Iron Cheek—The renowned Comanche chief, he ravaged the land and its people at will, sparing neither white nor Indian.

Salvador de Santos—the hot-blooded Comanchero, he traded in horse-flesh, trafficked in human lives and pursued the one woman he could never possess.

Kate Nordstrom—A true woman of the frontier, she possessed the beauty and sinew that would help build a nation.

Frank Kilrain—The Nordstroms’ ranch foreman, he burned with a grudge that would one day explode in fiery revenge against . . .

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