Write and Error

Write and Error is the most controversial and famous how-to-write book ever written. It caused a scandal at the time of its publication due to its no-holds-barred insights into the publishing industry, and has been reprinted numerous times.

Its express intent is to assist a person in writing for money successfully. While Jack Woodford focuses on the short story and novel, he also provides insights into unique characteristics of writing plays and motion pictures. He provides a step by step method of writing a novel that has been used successfully by many authors.

Write and Error has been taught in universities, recommended by best-selling authors, damned and praised for over half a century. His references may be dated, but his truths remain eternal. Over 50 authors have dedicated their first books to Jack Woodford because they thought he had taught them how to write.

“It was the first book on writing I ever read, at the age of fifteen. He said all the right things and said them clearly. I stayed afloat and got my work done because of him.” —Ray Bradbury

“I strongly suspect that I would not have attempted to write for money if I had not read Jack Woodford’s books.” —Jerry Pournelle

“I read ‘Trial and Error,’ started writing and did exactly what he said to do...and it works and I’ve sold it all.” —Robert A. Heinlein

Write and Error is available on the Apple iBookstore (United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom), Barnes & Noble, and Google (United States) as an ePub book.

ISBN: 978-1-935842-29-3 (ePub)

Write and Error is available on Amazon as a Kindle book.

ISBN: 978-1-935842-30-9 (Kindle) (United States) Amazon ASIN B0086NYAJA