The Return of Zach Stuart

There’s nothing bloodier than a father-and-son range war!

All bets are off. Zach Stuart is back. He's got fast hands, a deadly gun, and a plan to destroy the toughest, meanest rancher in the territory. Don't try and stop him, because what's driving Zach is stronger than greed, stronger even than blood-lust. It’s hate.

The man he's out to get . . . is his own damned father, "the meanest rancher in the territory."

The Promise

“Give me back my gun, mister,” the Kid said. “You got no right taking what’s mine.”

Smiling, Zach handed the Smith & Wesson back to the young man. “You keep it in that holster now, hear?”

“You’ll get yours, mister,” the Kid snarled.

“You got it coming. That’s a promise.”

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