Find Your Small Town Paradise—The 450 Best Small Towns in America

Have you thought about moving to a smaller town to have a simpler and better life? But where?—there are over 45,000 small towns in America. Find Your Small Town Paradise provides an elite selection of the top one percent of all small towns with population in most cases less than 10,000 people—towns that have been recommended by scores of guidebooks and magazines as being among the best in America.

Find Your Small Town Paradise provides a state by state listing with profiles of 450 small-town “paradises.” Each listing provides basic facts about each town, such as population, hospitals, Chamber of Commerce address, average home price, nearest large town and distance to it, and recreational facilities. A descriptive paragraph provides details and features of the community, beyond the standardized information listed above.

New to the 2014 2nd Edition

In the nine years since the first edition, considerable changes have occurred. Towns have grown or shrunk. Real estate prices have gone up, in some cases, dramatically. Chamber of Commerce offices have moved. Almost every Chamber now has a website.

Accordingly, we have updated the Chamber of Commerce addresses and added website information obtained from the 2014 World Chamber of Commerce Directory. Population data reflect the most recent U.S. 2010/2012 census data. Median single detached house price information has been obtained from The table of lowest priced towns has been revised to reflect the new data.

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ISBN: 978-1-935842-50-7 (ePub)

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